Palmer Lake Training: March 11th – 17th

Monday was a rest day. I ended up mildly regretting taking my normal rest day on Monday and not saving it for later in the week. If I had been checking the weather, I likely would have been able to anticipate the bomb cyclone/blizzard that hit on Wednesday and I could have used my rest day on one of the bad weather days. Oh well! Lesson learned for next time.

Tuesday was my first planned workout of the week. I set out to do a 6 mile tempo at around marathon pace. I was really happy with how the workout went! I got progressively faster with each mile, and ended up averaging about 10sec/mile faster than my marathon pace. It didn’t feel super tough either (although my Garmin told me I needed a LOT of recovery time afterwards). I also ran a short easy double in the afternoon after I got off work, to shake out my legs after sitting all day. Wednesday was when the blizzard was supposed to hit us. We realized the snow wasn’t going to start until around 8 am, so we got up extra early and went to the gym to get some miles in on the treadmill before the storm really started. I ran 9 miles at an easy pace, to try to give myself some wiggle room with mileage in case tomorrow’s weather trapped us indoors.

Thursday was rough. I caught some sort of short-lasting cold on Wednesday, and it hit me really hard throughout Wednesday afternoon and most of the day Thursday. We were able to get out of the house on Thursday afternoon once the snow started to melt, so I managed to get in 10 easy miles on the treadmill at the gym. I had originally planned to do mile repeats on Thursday, but I knew that wouldn’t be happening with how sick I still felt. By Friday, enough snow had melted or been plowed that we could run outside again! I did a short easy run of 6 miles with some quick strides thrown in at the end. I still wasn’t feeling 100%, so I didn’t want to try to cram in my second workout and risk bombing my long runs over the weekend.

Saturday was my first long run of the weekend, and it was awesome! We went to Boulder for the day so Gunnar could run on the trails, and I got to run on my favorite loop trail in Louisville. It’s a 3 mile dirt loop that I did almost all of my NYC long runs on. Last time we were in Boulder, this trail was still super snowy and icy. This weekend it was almost completely free of snow! I had so much fun running in shorts again, and I was extra grateful to not have to tip toe over any icy patches this time. On Sunday, we decided to check out a dirt road near Cheyenne that we’ve seen on some of our road trips. It’s basically a service road for I-25, and runs parallel to the highway. I did a 15 mile out and back on this road, and it was rough. For one, the road is almost entirely downhill on the way out, so the second half of the run was almost entirely uphill (and hill are not my strong suit). I also just have some mental toughness issues with out and back runs. I’m fine during the first half, but once I hit the turn around point all I can think about is how far away I am from my car and how so many bad things could happen to me and keep me from getting back. I also felt super alone out there, which was kind of scary. The scenery was incredibly boring and mind numbing (one of the cons of living on the high plains…. everywhere you look, you just see the same flat dirt going on forever). Not my best run, but it got done.

1/3rd of the way through my peak weeks! I still feel really good and haven’t felt much extra fatigue or soreness, which is great. I’ve been making sure I’m eating enough to fuel all the miles and I think that’s been beneficial. I feel so much better than I did during my last big ultra training cycle, so that itself is a huge win for me!

Monday: rest day!

Tuesday: 10 miles in the morning, 8:19 pace (6 mile tempo @ 7:49 avg), 3.17 miles in the afternoon, 9:28

Wednesday: 9 miles, 9:46 pace

Thursday: 10 miles, 9:54 pace

Friday: 6.38 miles, 9:23 pace (6x 30 second strides @ 6:03 avg)

Saturday: 20.1 miles, 9:25 pace

Sunday: 15.09 miles, 9:32 pace

Total: 73.7 miles, 9:26 avg pace, 2,299 ft of gain

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