Palmer Lake Training: Feb. 18th – 24th

Monday was rest day, as always. I was off work for President’s Day, and I was sorely tempted to not take my rest day, but I knew I needed to stick to my schedule. Instead, I kept myself busy by running errands and doing a ton of meal prep for the week (as well as baking muffins!).

Tuesday brought pretty crappy weather, which set the stage for the entire week. It was very cold, icy, and windy, so I was stuck on the treadmill at Planet Fitness. I did a 5 mile tempo run at around marathon pace (~8:00 min/mile), and it felt like a very comfortable, sustainable pace. I felt a glimmer of hope that perhaps I hadn’t lost all of my marathon fitness over the past few months. On Wednesday, I did an hour easy on the treadmill while watching Thor Ragnarok (somehow this one slipped past me, and I never actually saw it in theaters?!?).

Thursday called for an interval workout, and I was yet again trapped on the treadmill. I did 12x400m repeats at around 5k pace (~7:00 min/mile), with equal distance recoveries. I did the first 6 repeats at 7:00 min/mile pace, the next 5 at 6:50 min/mile pace, and the last one at around 6:45 min/mile pace. It felt great! I haven’t done much structured speedwork since my NYC Marathon training, and I was relieved to have made it through this workout without quitting early or slowing down. Friday was a repeat of Wednesday, another easy hour finishing up Thor Ragnarok.

Saturday was my first (and longest) long run of the weekend. I’ve decided to do my long runs by time this training cycle, instead of focusing on distance. I set out to do 2.5 hours on Saturday, and follow it up with 1.5 hours on Sunday. I did my Saturday run in Boulder, so Gunnar could hit up the trails at Chautauqua. I did my first 1.5 hours on a snow-covered loop, and eventually got fed up with all the slipping and sliding. I realized the sidewalks were completely clear, so I used the last hour to explore some of the nearby neighborhoods and enjoy the snow-free footing. On Sunday, we were back in Cheyenne. I put off my run until the afternoon so I could take advantage of the sunny skies and slightly-less-awful winds (only 20 mph!) which would allow me to get away with wearing shorts. The 1.5 hours flew by and I was finished before I even realized I had started!

I’m super happy with this week. Treadmill running is a lot harder for me mentally than running outside, so being able to do 4 treadmill runs in a row (with two workout days!) was a huge mental win for me. This was my highest mileage week since last May and I don’t feel tired or run down at all. I plan to continue to lengthen my back-to-backs on the weekends until I’m at around ~6 hours total over those two days. My legs still felt fresh after my long runs this weekend, and I didn’t feel the usual lethargy or stiffness that accompanied my long runs during marathon training. It’s a good sign!

Monday: rest day!

Tuesday: 7.08 miles, 8:28 pace (5 mile tempo @ 7:59 pace)

Wednesday: 6.05 miles, 9:55 pace

Thursday: 8 miles, 8:41 pace (12x400m @ 7:00-6:45 pace)

Friday: 6.2 miles, 9:41 pace

Saturday: 16.23 miles, 9:15 pace

Sunday: 10.18 miles, 9:16 pace

Total: 53.7 miles, 9:12 avg pace, 2,071 ft of gain


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