Palmer Lake Training: Feb 11th – 17th

Time for a new training block! This past week was all about recovery from RUFA as well as setting myself up well for my next race, the Palmer Lake 24 Hour Death Race/Fun Run (best name for a race ever!). I started off the week slowly and did less intensity than I plan to do for the rest of the block. I have a history of not taking enough time for recovery post-race and subsequently ruining my upcoming races, so I wanted to make sure I didn’t make that mistake again.

Monday was another rest day! It was my second rest day in a row, as I also took the day off after RUFA. I don’t usually take two days off in a row, and it definitely felt a little weird. I’d rather be safe than sorry though!

Tuesday was a short easy run, just 4 miles. Usually I like to get about an hour on my weekday easy runs, but I really wanted to make sure I took this week extra easy. In a normal week, this would have been a workout instead of an easy run. My one weekday workout was on Wednesday, and it was pretty simple. I just did a short 15 minute tempo with a couple warmup/cooldown miles. It felt really good, and I had to hold myself back from continuing on for another 15 minutes when I finished.

Thursday was another easy run, but this time it was an hour instead of just 4 miles. I was stuck inside on the treadmill due to the snow and cold temps outside, so it was probably a little less easy than I would have liked. My heart rate is always higher on the treadmills at my gym, and I suspect it’s due to the lack of air circulation and the high ambient temperature in the gym. I’m not heat adapted quite yet! Friday was another easy hour, but this time I was able to get outside again. It was still fairly snowy, and I wasn’t able to find any clear areas where I could do some strides like I had planned.

Saturday was a “long” run of two hours. Originally, I had planned to throw in 4-5 marathon paced miles in the middle, but I had to change that on the fly. The wind was in full force all day, and there were sustained 20-30 mph winds with constant gusts of 40-50 mph the entire time I was out there. I had decided to run the entire time on a small 1 mile loop near my apartment, as it would be good mental training for my upcoming race (which takes place on a 0.82 mile loop). This loop turned into a wind tunnel, and I had to revise my original plan on the fly. The force of the headwinds made the effort required to run marathon pace feel like the effort required to run 5k pace! I ended up doing a one hour progression from easy pace to marathon pace, followed that with an hour of moderate effort, then culminated with a fast finish for the last ~0.5 mile. Overall, I was pleased with my effort considering the conditions. On Sunday, I did another easy hour in the snow flurries and did six strides in the middle.

I’m pretty happy with the week overall! It was still fairly high mileage for a semi-recovery week, and I feel good going into my Palmer Lake training. I only have about 6 weeks to train for this race, so I don’t have any huge goals. I mostly just want to run/walk/move for all 24 hours, and I don’t really have any idea what mileage that will end up being. I’m going to try to throw in some long back-to-backs for a couple weeks, and hopefully all the time on feet I put in during my RUFA training will come in handy during the later hours of the race.

Monday: rest day!

Tuesday: 4.07 miles, 9:12 pace

Wednesday: 5.48 miles, 8:22 pace (15 minute tempo @ 7:26 pace)

Thursday: 6.19 miles, 9:41 pace

Friday: 6.47 miles, 9:17 pace

Saturday: 13.6 miles, 8:45 pace (7 mi progression from 9:10 –> 7:56, 1 hour @ 8:37 pace, fast finish last 0.5 mile @ 7:40)

Sunday: 6.72 miles, 9:34 pace (6 x 30 second strides @ 5:48 avg)

Total: 42.5 miles, 9:08 avg pace, 875 ft of gain


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